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Flakarchiver is an archiver utility which has a similar interface to that of WinZip or PowerArchiver. Any Win32 platform (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) and Linux is supported. It is licensed under the GNU GPL License.


2003-06-20: I am no longer maintaining this project, if you would like to take it send in sf.net request.

2003-01-02: The first alpha version of Flakarchiver has been released to the public. Please read the README. If you are using win32 binary or source, and you would like ace support, you will need to download the dll from here, and place it in "ace\" directory. this file cannot be included in the official distribution due to licensing issues.


This will give u a general idea of the progress of Flakarchiver.

Project Status (Win32) Status (Linux) Priority Other/Notes
GUI Interface 50% 30% Medium needs a progress bar indicator; scrolling is slow on win32;
Zip Support 60% 60% High currently read-only; spanned archives not supported
Tar/gzip/bzip2 Support 30% 30% Very High currently read-only; gzip and bzip2 can be extracted perfectly; tar.gz/tar/tar.bz2 currently non-functional
Ace Support (Read-only) 40% N/A Low has problems extracting some archives; very slow; cannot implement on linux due to closed source dll;
Rar Support (Read-only) 45% 45% Medium rar3 archives not supported; very slow
Arj Support 0% 0% Medium -
Windows Explorer Integration 0% N/A Low -
Command Line Interface 0% 0% Low -
Gnome/KDE Integration N/A 0% Very Low not for a very long time
Wizard 0% 0% Very Low -

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